What are you TIREd of?

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You can’t tell me you didn’t wear a yellow LiveStrong bracelet, or at least thought about it.

It seems almost everyone is standing up and representing their cause these days.  So what are you “Tired Of?

Dan Hoffman is a marketing consultant and designed a series of bracelets made from eco-friendly tire rubber and large recycled metal beads.  Get it? tired of…  Dan’s campaign currently supports ten causes.

One of the causes designed by Dan is geared towards animal cruelty.  Animal cruelty is a huge problem in this world and with a small donation you could help those who can’t help themselves.

You can purchase a bracelet for $10 and $5 of each purchase goes toward the Best Friends Animal Society.

Here is a picture of Otto and his best friend, my parents yellow lab BoBo.



My new best friend

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Are you interested in getting a puppy? Okay, Okay I know.  Most people will tell you to go adopt one (even I would encourage it.)  But my family has always gotten dogs from breeders.

My dalmatian was from upstate New York.  My black lab was from Tennessee.  My yellow lab was from south Jersey.

Otto is from York Road!

It was five days before Christmas and my boyfriend at the time, took me to run some errands.  He pulled into the Just Puppies parking lot, took me inside, and told me to pick whatever I wanted!  (He underlying reasoning came out a few months later as I watched a big white bus take him to an airport and to Iraq for over half a year.  I guess he knew I needed a friend.)

I would still encourage you to adopt a dog from a shelter, but if you are interested in a great dog from a pet store I would by far recommend Just Puppies over any pet store in the mall.  They even give a military discount.  Apparently a lot of military guys buy their gals puppies first, then engagement rings.  At least that’s how it happened for us!

Here is Otto the day we got him!


Upside downnn

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I am sorry I haven’t been on here more recently but my father had his second heart surgery this year over the weekend so I was a little busy.

To cheer myself up a little, I found a website called Upside Down Dogs.  Basically, you can pick any breed from the list and see a photo of that dog upside down.  These pictures are hilarious and can most definitely turn any frown upside down, literally.

If this face doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.  It made my day a little bit better.


And of course — here is Otto upside down!


(Sorry it’s dark.  Somewhere between North Carolina, Maryland, and New Jersey the connector to my camera got misplaced.)

Clean Paws, Happy Dogs

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Having a great veterinarian for your dog is just as important as having a great doctor for yourself. Regular check ups, keeping updated on their shots, and neutering your pet are all things that are done by their vet.

Otto’s doctor is Dr. Klomp, out of Wyckoff, New Jersey. The first weekend I had Otto he had a very bad cold and had to visit the vet for medicine. As a brand new puppy owner I was very nervous something would happen to him because he was only four pounds at the time, but Dr. Klomp calmed my fears.

Snow can play a big part on the irritation of your puppy’s paws. Dr. Klomp says every time your dog comes inside from being out in the winter, you must wipe their paws with a wet cloth to clean them. Salt can get wedge itself in between the pads on their paws and cause their paws to hurt and eventually bleed. The best thing you can do with check their paws for any sign of irritation or redness and clean them right away.

I can’t find my pictures of Otto in the snow, so instead here he is helping me fold laundry!


Hair cuts, baths, and brushing!

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Grooming your dog, especially one with long fur, is very important. Otto’s groomer is a family friend, Jo Ann Rontanini from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Jo Ann was the first and only groomer Otto has ever had. It is important to trust the person who is coming so close to your precious pet with very sharp scissors.

Jo Ann says it is very important to not only keep up with a regular schedule of hair cuts and baths but also brushing your dog to keep knots out of their fur. She says it’s something that can be very harmful and hurtful to your pet to let knots acquire throughout their fur.

Otto definitely is not the most well behaved at the groomer and I have even had to pick him up early because he wouldn’t sit still. To be honest, his hair cuts cost more than mine and he goes every four weeks, which is a lot more often than I do.

It is worth the money and the extra trips to New Jersey if it means he is more comfortable and taken care of.

Here is Otto just after one of his trips to the groomer!


Tis the Season

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With the recent passing Hallmark created Valentines Day this weekend I wanted to share a little about how to celebrate a holiday with your dog or more interesting how your dog views a holiday.

I found a great site to aid me with my venture on How to Celebrate Holidays with Your Dog. I think one of the best pieces of advice the site provided was, “Your dog has no desire to sit in a crowded room for hours in which everyone is much too busy to notice him. Truly make it a holiday celebration for your dog by keeping his real enjoyment in mind, rather than making him a source of your own amusement.”

I like Otto to celebrate every and all holidays with me. He has a Santa costume for Christmas. This past Halloween he was dressed as a bumble bee. On his first birthday this October, he wore a birthday hat.

As much fun as it is to pretend your dog loves to celebrate certain days with you, it is also extremely important to keep in mind a day on a calendar means nothing to them and its imperative that their needs come first.

And for your viewing pleasure… you didn’t think I was going to blog about celebrating a holiday with you dog and not share a picture of dressed up Otto!


The Buzz

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So which dog will join the Obamas in the White House?

The Buzz Log on Yahoo compiled the dog trends in terms of the most searched on the web.  Although the Yorkie poo wasn’t one of the most searched the breed were noted as one of the mixed breeds with very much web appeal.

If I could just make a suggestion to the Obamas I would go ahead and say get a Yorkie poo.

They are a wonderful mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle.  They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  They have the perfect personality mix of playful yet calm.  And they are smarter than pure breed Yorkies (Poodles are known as one of the most intelligent breeds.)

And to end my post to persuade the masses to get a Yorkie poo, another wonderful photo of Otto himself.


Beach Babe!

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I spent this past weekend down in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  The weather was amazing, the beach was beautiful, and of course Otto was there so it couldn’t have been more perfect.

This was Otto’s first escapade to the beach and needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I think it is very important and very rewarding to take your pet on mini vacations along with you so that they can also enjoy the experience and add to the fun.

There are many beaches along the east coast that allow dogs but only certain times of the year and within restrictions.  Here is a site that can be helpful in case you decide to bring your pet along next time!  Dog Beaches

And of course.. Otto enjoying the nice beach breeze!


Hello world!

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Hi! My name is Megan and I started this blog to share with the world how much I love my poo.  My Yorkie poo that is.  I am a senior at Towson University majoring in Journalism/New Media.

Otto is my 16 month old favorite fur friend.  I would like to share with you why being a dog owner is so great and how much love one little friend can bring to your life through my own personal experience.

Being the Mama to a fur baby can be hard sometimes and it requires a lot of responsibility and hard work but it is definitely very rewarding. Before I end my first post introducing myself I should also introduce Otto because he is the one who started all of this.



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