I Hate Your Poo!

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I am not one to complain too much about taking my Poo out. (Except when it’s raining real hard and he’s all of a sudden a princess and doesn’t want to get his feet wet and I end up getting soaked dragging him through the mud.)

So why, oh why is it so hard to clean up after your pets, nice neighbors of mine?

I know you have two dogs, I hear them at all hours of the night barking. Our apartment complex has an area for dogs, it even offers bags to clean up with and a trash can! I really don’t appreciate your little friends presents scattered all along the minimal grassy area we do have.

Maybe I’ll just have to clean it up and leave you a big present on your doorstep. Okay well, I really won’t do that, that’s way too much poo but just the thought of doing it gives me a little satisfaction.

Maybe I’ll leave you a nice note similar to this one:


We all know I won’t do that and I’ll just continue to curse you every morning, but maybe one day, like the day before I move out in May, I’ll do this:

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Otto Takes a Bath!

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I’ll be honest, this video is a little long.  I was supposed to take Otto to the dog park today but with the weather I decided to give him a bath instead.  Hint: The last 10 seconds of the video are by far worth watching!!

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Brushing Otto

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So I attempted to show how I brush Otto, but he is very wiggly and would not sit still.   Do not judge me for this video!

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Another Poo Lover!

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Yes, I will admit I am apart of the I ❤ My Yorkie Poo Facebook group.  This is where I found Lindsey Hummel.

Lindsey doesn’t love one but two Poo’s, Benji and Lexi.


Why did you choose a Yorkie Poo?

A family friend of ours had a Yorkie Poo and I feel in love with her the first time I played with her. I knew I had to have a Yorkie Poo of my own from that day on.

Do you have other dogs?

Yes I have 2 Yorkie Poos and one is actually the son of my first Yorkie Poo girl.

Do they get along?

They love one another so much and they are best of friends. One could not go on living with out the other.  Maybe I need to get a friend for Otto! Hmmm…

Would you recommend getting a Yorkie Poo to someone? Why?
I would recommend anyone who wants a dog to get a Yorkie Poo.

#1: You will have a new best friend that will become a big part of your life.

#2: You will want to get another Yorkie Poo as a friend for your first Yorkie Poo.

#3: All your friends will want to come over to play with your Yorkie Poo and then want one of their own.

#4: Yorkie Poos have curly hair and don’t shed like straight haired dogs.

What is one piece of information you would give to someone who has a Yorkie Poo?

Once you have this dog you will never have a dull moment. They will become a new best friend that will always love you no matter what happens!


Here is another picture of Benji and Lexi!

Your Poo Tip of the Week!

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Clean your Poo’s ears!

It is important to check the inside of your Poo’s ears for infections or odors.

To clean your Poo’s ears us a cotton swab with ear solution cleaner and gently clean around the inside of the ear.  Don’t push the cotton swab too far in or you will cause an irritation.  If your Poo seems to be rubbing its ears more than normal than they may need to visit their vet for special ear drops.

My Yorkie Poo also says

Ear hair plucking is not necessary for all dogs and should be done only when ear cleaning or draining of the ear is a problem. At that point it should only be a light ear hair plucking.

Petco sells many types of ear cleaner at reasonable prices.

I have never had a problem with cleaning Otto’s ears but here is a recent picture of him.  His right ear is always up and his left ear is always down!


Don’t Make This Mistake *Part Two

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Impulsive adoptions/purchases

Last week I mentioned an article from the Today Show with the top most common mistakes pet owners make and the first tip was to not assume your pet is a person in fur clothing.

This weeks mistake not to make is don’t make an impulsive adoption or purchase of a pet.  Deciding on having a pet join your family is very important and requires a lot of thought and research.

The author Andrea Arden stated,

“Carefully consider the commitment of time and money, and if this particular animal’s size, age, temperament and activity level are a good match for your family.”

Pets require a lot of responsibility so it’s best to consider your options before you bring one home on a whim.

Pupforum is a great site if you are looking to adopt or rescue a dog in Maryland.

Poo’s Just Want to Have Fun!

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Taking your Poo to a dog park can be a fun day for the both of you.  Dog Park USA is a great site and very helpful for tips about taking your dog to a dog park and for dog parks in your area.

There are many dog parks in Maryland and one of the most popular is Robert E Lee Park.  Otto and I have yet to visit this park but we plan on going this weekend so I’ll keep you updated next week as to how it went!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when taking your dog to a dog park!

  • Make sure to clean up after your dog! Don’t forget your POOper scooper!
  • Don’t forget some water, and a leash for your dog.
  • Don’t let your pet wander to fair away and always pay attention to your surroundings!
  • For your first trip, choose an off peak day so your pet gets used to the area without too much distraction!

Looking to take your pup to a park, but don’t know where one is near you? Just click here!

Who Doesn’t Love Their Poo??

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After a little Facebook “stalking” I found Raven and Toby.  Jenna Sunday is a 2008 graduate of Towson University and their fur mommy.

Where did you get your new additions?

Jenna: We got our dogs from two different breeders we found on www.puppyfind.com. One was in Arkansas and one was in Missiouri, and they both flew in on a plane and we picked them up at BWI.

Why Yorkie Poo’s?

Jenna: We chose Yorkie poos because my little sister is scared of big dogs so we wanted something small and non-shedding and we also heard that Yorkie poos are really smart and easy to train. Which they have been so far!

I definitely have to agree!

Any other dogs? Do they get along?

Jenna: We don’t have any other dogs, but the two Yorkie poos get along well together.

Any advice?

Jenna: The advice I would give would to be to take lots of pictures because they grow and change SO fast! We’ve only had them for two weeks and now looking back at pictures when we first got them they look different already. And our boy Yorkie Poo has already changed colors a little bit.

Raven & Toby!


Don’t Make This Mistake *Part One!

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Assuming your pet is a person in fur clothing

Last year the Today Show came out with the top most common mistakes pet owners make and I think that not only is it good to give advice but to also receive it.

This weeks mistake is “Assuming your pet is a person in fur clothing.” I do this almost everyday, and I think the author, Andrea Arden, made an amazing point by stating,

“Keep in mind that pets tend to think in different and often much simpler terms than we do. They aren’t walking around all day plotting how to get back at you for leaving them at home while you go to work or to punish you for what you have or haven’t done for them lately. Accusing an animal of being spiteful or stubborn does a great disservice to them and tends to create a barrier to a healthy relationship.”

I often get caught up and angry when Otto accidentally goes potty on the floor thinking he’s getting back at me for leaving him in his crate while I’m at class.  He isn’t a human, he’s my poo and doesn’t know any better, so I guess I really only have myself to blame.

Go give your poo a hug!

Your Poo Tip of the Week!

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Brush Your Dog’s Teeth!

Brushing your poo’s teeth is very important, but you need to use special doggie toothpaste.  Human toothpaste is not safe for your furry friend.  Doggie toothepaste is sold at your local pet store such as PETCO.

My Yorkie Poo says to brush your poo’s teeth once a day, but to be honest that is a challenge in itself.  Otto’s vet, Dr Klomp, recommends at least once a week, which seems a little more reasonable to me and especially Otto.

Believe me, your poo will fight you when you try to stick that little toothbrush in their mouths but the more you do it the more comfortable they will be with it.

Otto dislikes it very much but as his Mom I would rather take care of it now rather than deal with more drastic issues later!

Good Luck Brushing!!

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