What is Your Dog Scared Of?

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What is your dog scared of?

Otto hates the sound of the dishwasher but can sleep through a thunderstorm.  He will shake and pant and run around the entire cycle of the dishwasher and for a while even after its done.

I found some tips from Petcare on how to calm your dog down during a storm.  Maybe these tips can help Otto overcome his fear of the dishwasher.Desensitize the dog to the loud noise. Make thunder and other loud noises fun.

  • Desensitize the dog to the sound of loud noises. Make the time during the storm fun.
  • Put your dog in a safe place, such as an interior bathroom where it isn’t so loud.
  • Turn on the tv or play the radio.

If you try these tips and your dog is still afraid there is always medication you can get from your vet to calm their anxieties.


Want to Know What Your Pup Does While You’re Gone?

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Just drop them off at Dogtopia and you can watch through live webcam feeds all day.hp-doyouknow

Dogtopia is located all over the country but the location in the Maryland area is located in Clarksville.  During Dog Daycare at Dogtopia, your pup will be placed in a play group that is appropriate for their size and temperment.

They also offer overnight stays and a dog spa which provides many services such as shampooing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.  If you never get the opportunity to treat your pet to a stay at Dogtopia, you can always shop for them in the boutique.

At the boutique there toys, grooming supplies, food, and treats and of course — clothes to dress your best friend up in.

Hopefully Otto and I can make a trip there, but only if he’s a good boy this week.

Yorkie Does Tricks

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Well since Otto can’t do any tricks other than sit and give paw I found a great youtube video of a yorkie who can.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

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Take Your Dog To Work Day was first started in 1999 created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs make.  June 26 2009, businesses, animal shelters, and pet-care professionals will work to raise money for shelter dogs.

This is the one and only day you can actually bring your Poo to work with you, how fun.  You must make sure your business is registered and on their website they list the top 10 things to say to convince your boss to take part:

10. The squirrels in the neighborhood deserve a break.
9. Wagging tails work great when the a/c is on the fritz.
8. With a dog as your passenger, you’ll be able to use the car pool lane.
7. It’s a great way to lick the work day blahs!
6. My dog thinks you’re grrrrrrreat!
5. Meetings end as soon as Rover starts staring at the conference room door.
4. You can blame those missing reports on one of your employees’ dogs.
3. It’s the leash you can do.
2. Finally, someone at your office will actually be working like a dog.
1. Friday, June 26, is Take Your Dog To Work Day®!

I will hopefully be employed somewhere where I can take part this year!

“Wine & Wag”

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It’s a little obvious that those of us, who have special pets, love them.  In addition to loving my Otto, and my fiancé of course, I also love wine.

This week the Maryland SPCA is celebrating 140 years of caring at Maryland Historical Society, located at 201 W. Monument Street in Baltimore. An exhibit will be on display from April 1 through June 28 and highlights the history of the organization and is sponsored by Bravo Health.

A “Wine and Wag” reception will be held on Friday, May 8 from 6pm to 9pm.  Tickets are $30 per person in advance and $35 at the door and can be purchased online or by calling 410-235-8826, ext. 135.

I think this is a great way to raise money and awareness and support for the Maryland SPCA.

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