Don’t Make This Mistake*Part Four

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mms1 My Poo can hear the sound of M&Ms hitting the floor from miles away, he can sense when your hand reaches into the bag. If you asked Otto what his favorite food might be, granted he could talk, he would say M&Ms. So why does my Poo know what those candy coated chocolates are? My roommate. I really shouldn’t be calling her out so much on here (Part Three), but she is a huge helper with taking care of Otto so her mistakes are mine as well.

Otto will beg for anything close to resembling food, he doesn’t care what is it, he wants it. He’s been infamous for stealing underwear and bringing it out into the living, one shoe of each pair – mostly left feet, and even the bottle caps off water bottles so check your possessions at the door.

Anyway, Otto is somewhat of a circus dog. He can balance up on his back two legs for a long time, an abnormally long time and in our apartment there is always a bowl of M&Ms on the table. It was easy for Otto to do a trick such as balancing or jumping from the back of the couch to the front, he’s got a good vertical too, and be rewarded with the closest treat, an M&M.

CHOCOLATE IS TERRIBLE FOR DOGS! Large or small. According to the Dog Owners Digest, “Chocolate contains theobromine. A naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean, theobromine increases urination and affects the central nervous system as well as heart muscle.”

Do not ever feed your pup or Poo chocolate.  I know how hard it is to resist his little beady eyes and button nose but it can be lethal.


Clean Paws, Happy Dogs

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Having a great veterinarian for your dog is just as important as having a great doctor for yourself. Regular check ups, keeping updated on their shots, and neutering your pet are all things that are done by their vet.

Otto’s doctor is Dr. Klomp, out of Wyckoff, New Jersey. The first weekend I had Otto he had a very bad cold and had to visit the vet for medicine. As a brand new puppy owner I was very nervous something would happen to him because he was only four pounds at the time, but Dr. Klomp calmed my fears.

Snow can play a big part on the irritation of your puppy’s paws. Dr. Klomp says every time your dog comes inside from being out in the winter, you must wipe their paws with a wet cloth to clean them. Salt can get wedge itself in between the pads on their paws and cause their paws to hurt and eventually bleed. The best thing you can do with check their paws for any sign of irritation or redness and clean them right away.

I can’t find my pictures of Otto in the snow, so instead here he is helping me fold laundry!


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