Want to Know What Your Pup Does While You’re Gone?

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Just drop them off at Dogtopia and you can watch through live webcam feeds all day.hp-doyouknow

Dogtopia is located all over the country but the location in the Maryland area is located in Clarksville.  During Dog Daycare at Dogtopia, your pup will be placed in a play group that is appropriate for their size and temperment.

They also offer overnight stays and a dog spa which provides many services such as shampooing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.  If you never get the opportunity to treat your pet to a stay at Dogtopia, you can always shop for them in the boutique.

At the boutique there toys, grooming supplies, food, and treats and of course — clothes to dress your best friend up in.

Hopefully Otto and I can make a trip there, but only if he’s a good boy this week.


Spoil Your Poo!

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One of the benefits of having a small dog like a Poo, is you have more of an opportunity to dress up your pooch. There are many boutiques in the area that offer many different items to spoil your dog from clothes to toys and necessities like birthday and party items!


Look at this cake from The Pretentious Pooch!

The Pretentious Pooch is a boutique located on Cathedral Street in Baltimore. Don’t let the four foot crystal chandelier fool you, they have everything for every kind of dog, and every owner’s wallet. Some items include Swarovski crystal collars and Italian fleece-lined raincoats. There is even a doggie pastry section and an organic line of clothes and toys so you will know that your dog is safe chewing on a product that is free of growth hormones and pesticides!

In 2007 the Pooch boutique was noted in the City Paper as being the Best Dog Store and in 2006 the same paper noted The Pretentious Pooch the Best Place to Treat Your Pet Like a Spoiled Brat.

The Pretentious Pooch is open Tuesday though Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pets are welcome, so bring you Poo and spoil them!

There are many other boutiques in the area. Here is a Google map of the stores in the Maryland area.

Don’t Make This Mistake *Part Two

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Impulsive adoptions/purchases

Last week I mentioned an article from the Today Show with the top most common mistakes pet owners make and the first tip was to not assume your pet is a person in fur clothing.

This weeks mistake not to make is don’t make an impulsive adoption or purchase of a pet.  Deciding on having a pet join your family is very important and requires a lot of thought and research.

The author Andrea Arden stated,

“Carefully consider the commitment of time and money, and if this particular animal’s size, age, temperament and activity level are a good match for your family.”

Pets require a lot of responsibility so it’s best to consider your options before you bring one home on a whim.

Pupforum is a great site if you are looking to adopt or rescue a dog in Maryland.

Don’t Make This Mistake *Part One!

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Assuming your pet is a person in fur clothing

Last year the Today Show came out with the top most common mistakes pet owners make and I think that not only is it good to give advice but to also receive it.

This weeks mistake is “Assuming your pet is a person in fur clothing.” I do this almost everyday, and I think the author, Andrea Arden, made an amazing point by stating,

“Keep in mind that pets tend to think in different and often much simpler terms than we do. They aren’t walking around all day plotting how to get back at you for leaving them at home while you go to work or to punish you for what you have or haven’t done for them lately. Accusing an animal of being spiteful or stubborn does a great disservice to them and tends to create a barrier to a healthy relationship.”

I often get caught up and angry when Otto accidentally goes potty on the floor thinking he’s getting back at me for leaving him in his crate while I’m at class.  He isn’t a human, he’s my poo and doesn’t know any better, so I guess I really only have myself to blame.

Go give your poo a hug!

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