Poo Webcams!

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I originally got a webcam to keep in touch with my deployed Fiance, although we only used it once while he was in country.   Apparently Charm City Networks could read my mind and developed a Dog Webcam that allows you to keep an eye on your pup at all times!

All you need is computer with Internet access and a browser and your separation anxiety from missing your Poo will forever be eliminated!

Chris Whong is the president of Charm City Networks and developed the technology to combatant a problem of his own.  In an article by the Baltimore Dog Magazine Whong states, “This webcam service came out of a personal need. I had a brand new puppy, a Puggle [a Pug-Beagle mix] named OP, and I worked too far to come home at lunch. I set up a webcam that kept me a little entertained at work and let me know if he was upset, or sleepy or happy and what to expect when I got home.”

Whong is creating a voice activated feeder as well.  It seems technology is affecting the Poo world as well!


Don’t Make This Mistake*Part Three

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As a first time pet owner, I make my share of mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes or accidents involving my Poo was not done by me but by someone close to me who shall remain nameless, or also known as my roommate!

It was purely an accident, but do not allow anyone to eat a fried chicken breast in your living room and leave it on the coffee table. The second you turn around your Poo will eat it, bones and all.

This was the situation I was faced with around 10 pm on a Saturday night. Do NOT react the way I did, by panicking and crying and hyperventilating unless your Poo is showing signs of pain. If that is the case then they need to be taken immediately to an emergency pet hospital.

So, after a hysterical phone call to my mom at home in New Jersey, I went to the store purchased some bread and milk and tried to save my Poo from his chicken bone fate.

My vet at home recommends dipping bread in milk, and feeding it to your Poo so if or when they try to pass the bones the milk dipped bread will coat the sharp ends of the bones. According to The Fun Times Guide to Dogs, “Cooked rice (that’s completely cooled first) is ideal, because it is gentle on a dog’s stomach and digestive tract. You could serve up a small helping of plain white rice alone, or mix some cooked rice in with your dog’s normal dog food.”

And just in case you were wondering, Otto survived!

Does Your Poo Like Treats?

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Looking for a bakery in Baltimore? A homemade dog treat bakery?

Lucky Lucy’s Canine Café is located at 1126 South Charles Street, in historic Federal Hill.shapeimage_2

Lucky Lucy’s is a gourmet, dog and cat bakery that specializes and continues to carry on the tradition of baking homemade treats on the property.

Lucky Lucy’s is not only a bakery but a pet boutique that carries designer leashes, collars, and other accessories for not only your dog but your feline friend as well.

I would most definitely encourage you to stop by the last Saturday of every month and meet an adoptee from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.

Lucky Lucy’s also participates in many local fundraisers and March for the Animals is the next upcoming event on Sunday April 19th at Druid Hill Park for the Maryland SPCA.


I am really looking forward to the event this Sunday and I hope my schedule works out so Otto and I can participate in some of the fun.

Adopt a Friend for Your Poo

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Looking to adopt a new friend for your Poo? Starting April 11th the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter is waving all adoption fees for pets five years or older and all other adoptions are only $40!

The event is called “Get Showered with Love” and runs from the 11th through the 25th. You can visit BARCS at 301 Stockholm St or view over 300 animals on their site.

I would love to get a friend for Otto, he loves to play with my parents two Labs but I do not have the space in my tiny apartment. My Fiance,  who got me Otto, wants to get a Husky maybe another adoption event we can look into it.

Your Poo Tip of The Week

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This post will be similar to last weeks about Training Your Poo, except this week I will give you some tips from eHow on how to crate train your Poo. Otto is crate trained and believe me, I am thankful for that.

  • Get in the habit of putting your Poo in their crate every time you leave. (If your Poo is under 12 weeks, don’t leave them in there for more than three hours at a time.)
  • Take your Poo outside right away after you return.
  • Make your Poo as comfortable as possible inside their crate. Maybe leave them a toy or a bone to chew on. (I cover Otto’s crate with a towel and he just sleeps the entire time I am gone, or so I think.)
  • Don’t punish your Poo by putting them in their crate after they have done something wrong. This leads them to believe every time they are going in there you are mad at them, and that’s bad.

I am a big advocate for crate training. Otto would rather be out of his crate but doesn’t mind lying in there. It’s perfect for long car rides and while I am doing things outside of my apartment I don’t have to worry about him tearing everything apart.

Staying in a Hotel with Your Poo

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I have brought my Poo on many trips with me, but sneaking him into hotels is getting a little tiresome. Although Yorkie Poos are small enough to be wrapped in a blanket and snuck down the hall and into your room, they need to be taken out frequently. Staying on the third level of a beach resort while it is under construction doesn’t make it much easier, which is the situation that presented itself to me this weekend.

If you have no choice like me but to take your Poo with you on your trip here is some advice from eHow.com on how to sneak them into a hotel room with minimal disturbance to other visitors.

  • Park at the back or side entrance of the hotel and if possible leave a spouse or family member in the car.
  • Try to get a room close to an outside entrance or far from the front desk.
  • Utilize the Do Not Disturb sign, and put your pet in a covered crate with the television on if you decide to leave the room.

Official Pet Hotels is a site that may be helpful to you if you are travelling with your Poo and are looking to stay in a pet friendly hotel. (I am in no way advocating ignoring hotel rules by sneaking your Poo in, but sometimes situations may arise such as an emergency, or you do not have any other choice, and with a small pet like a Poo it may be easier to simply bring them in.)

Your Poo Tip of the Week

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Training a Yorkie Poo is similar to training any dog really. I found some general tips that may be helpful on how to puppy-paper-training1train your Yorkie Poo on eHow.com.

  • You must be the leader. As with most packs of animals there needs to be an alpha, and if it’s not you, you’re small furry friend is in control.
  • Give them a good routine. You should try to feed your Poo at the same time of day and try to take them out at the same time of day so they will expect it.
  • Use the same command over and over otherwise they will not learn. You are only confusing them by one day saying NO and the next saying STOP or BAD. (I prefer to say Naughty because I think it’s a funny word and I say it like “Nawwties” and believe me, Otto knows what it means.)
  • If your Poo does what you want, give them a treat! Rewarding good behavior = more good behavior!

It’s easy to get frustrated in the beginning and you definitely will. I thought Otto would never learn he goes potty outside, not on my cream colored carpet, but if you really make an effort to have them understand they’ll get the hang of it in no time! (Hint: Stock up on Resolve, it will save your sanity and your carpet!)

Spoil Your Poo!

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One of the benefits of having a small dog like a Poo, is you have more of an opportunity to dress up your pooch. There are many boutiques in the area that offer many different items to spoil your dog from clothes to toys and necessities like birthday and party items!


Look at this cake from The Pretentious Pooch!

The Pretentious Pooch is a boutique located on Cathedral Street in Baltimore. Don’t let the four foot crystal chandelier fool you, they have everything for every kind of dog, and every owner’s wallet. Some items include Swarovski crystal collars and Italian fleece-lined raincoats. There is even a doggie pastry section and an organic line of clothes and toys so you will know that your dog is safe chewing on a product that is free of growth hormones and pesticides!

In 2007 the Pooch boutique was noted in the City Paper as being the Best Dog Store and in 2006 the same paper noted The Pretentious Pooch the Best Place to Treat Your Pet Like a Spoiled Brat.

The Pretentious Pooch is open Tuesday though Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pets are welcome, so bring you Poo and spoil them!

There are many other boutiques in the area. Here is a Google map of the stores in the Maryland area.

I Hate Your Poo!

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I am not one to complain too much about taking my Poo out. (Except when it’s raining real hard and he’s all of a sudden a princess and doesn’t want to get his feet wet and I end up getting soaked dragging him through the mud.)

So why, oh why is it so hard to clean up after your pets, nice neighbors of mine?

I know you have two dogs, I hear them at all hours of the night barking. Our apartment complex has an area for dogs, it even offers bags to clean up with and a trash can! I really don’t appreciate your little friends presents scattered all along the minimal grassy area we do have.

Maybe I’ll just have to clean it up and leave you a big present on your doorstep. Okay well, I really won’t do that, that’s way too much poo but just the thought of doing it gives me a little satisfaction.

Maybe I’ll leave you a nice note similar to this one:


We all know I won’t do that and I’ll just continue to curse you every morning, but maybe one day, like the day before I move out in May, I’ll do this:

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Otto Takes a Bath!

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I’ll be honest, this video is a little long.  I was supposed to take Otto to the dog park today but with the weather I decided to give him a bath instead.  Hint: The last 10 seconds of the video are by far worth watching!!

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