Yorkie Does Tricks

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Well since Otto can’t do any tricks other than sit and give paw I found a great youtube video of a yorkie who can.


Your Poo Tip of The Week!

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While home over spring break I taught Otto how to run on a treadmill.


It is important for Poo’s to get enough exercise and there is a facility in Crownsville, MD called the Canine Fitness Center that offers swimming and other fun ways to keep your pup in good health. Other services include acupuncture, massages for your dog, and an underwater treadmill! I have never heard of this kind of exercise for dogs but I guess there is everything for everyone these days.

According to Country Pups, “The Yorkie Poo does not require a lot of exercise. Most of its exercise requirements can be met through indoor activity, but Yorkie Poos love going on walks with their owner and regular play time outdoors, and have enough stamina to come alongside for a longer jog.”

Otto loves to go on walks, especially when he is in New Jersey and can go with my parents two labs. He gets very tired afterward and is a great way to have him expend some energy.

Your Poo Tip of The Week

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This post will be similar to last weeks about Training Your Poo, except this week I will give you some tips from eHow on how to crate train your Poo. Otto is crate trained and believe me, I am thankful for that.

  • Get in the habit of putting your Poo in their crate every time you leave. (If your Poo is under 12 weeks, don’t leave them in there for more than three hours at a time.)
  • Take your Poo outside right away after you return.
  • Make your Poo as comfortable as possible inside their crate. Maybe leave them a toy or a bone to chew on. (I cover Otto’s crate with a towel and he just sleeps the entire time I am gone, or so I think.)
  • Don’t punish your Poo by putting them in their crate after they have done something wrong. This leads them to believe every time they are going in there you are mad at them, and that’s bad.

I am a big advocate for crate training. Otto would rather be out of his crate but doesn’t mind lying in there. It’s perfect for long car rides and while I am doing things outside of my apartment I don’t have to worry about him tearing everything apart.

Your Poo Tip of the Week

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Training a Yorkie Poo is similar to training any dog really. I found some general tips that may be helpful on how to puppy-paper-training1train your Yorkie Poo on eHow.com.

  • You must be the leader. As with most packs of animals there needs to be an alpha, and if it’s not you, you’re small furry friend is in control.
  • Give them a good routine. You should try to feed your Poo at the same time of day and try to take them out at the same time of day so they will expect it.
  • Use the same command over and over otherwise they will not learn. You are only confusing them by one day saying NO and the next saying STOP or BAD. (I prefer to say Naughty because I think it’s a funny word and I say it like “Nawwties” and believe me, Otto knows what it means.)
  • If your Poo does what you want, give them a treat! Rewarding good behavior = more good behavior!

It’s easy to get frustrated in the beginning and you definitely will. I thought Otto would never learn he goes potty outside, not on my cream colored carpet, but if you really make an effort to have them understand they’ll get the hang of it in no time! (Hint: Stock up on Resolve, it will save your sanity and your carpet!)

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